Purchasing Gear

List of climbing gear websites, if you find any more good ones please add to the list

Needle Sports
Rock + Run
Wild Track
Urban Rock
Lakes Climber
The Outdoor Shop
Joe Brown
Go Outdoors
Rockworks Climbing

Here’s our Climbing map which holds a few popular store locations that many of our members have used in the past. They’re mostly London based shops, but we’ll keep expanding the map when we find new stores 🙂

View Climbing in a larger map

Many of the shops you can get 10% discount with a BMC card, however theoutdoorshop is the only one we of which you can get BMC discount online.

Popular choice of many BUMS and EX-BUMS for bouldering mats and outdoor clothing and camping gear:

Climbing gear manufacturers to find out more information about a specific piece of gear:
Wild Country
Black Diamond