Hello lovely climbers! Just a quick one this time…There’s a few things going on in the next few weeks so read those things first, and if you still fancy a read there’ll be a bit about all our shenanigans of the last few weeks. CHRISTMAS DINNER!!! Christmas dinner is gonna be on the 6th December, […]

So we’ve just got back from Freshers Trip #2: Peak Times (as I’m dramatically calling it). I’m almost sad because this pretty much means it’s officially the end of freshers, but that’s also a good thing in that the freshers that are still showing up are pretty likely to stick around, and so far they’re […]

Hello climbers! A lot of us have just returned from the first trip of the year to Portland, and for everyone else it’s time to decide whether or not to join trip #2, so let’s have a look at some of the stuff we’ve been up to! The weekend started out with the drive to […]

Get ready for our first freshers trip! It’s gonna be from the 7th-9th of October- that’s NEXT WEEKEND! IMPORTANT: You must be a paid member and be signed off as a competent beginner to come on the trip! We’ll get you sorted with all you need to know to get the sign off, but you […]

Hi guys! Great to have seen so many new and old faces at our freshers events in the last couple of weeks. The year’s got off to an awesome start with our slacklining event at the start of freshers’ week (never mind the rain…) and a lot of interest at the freshers fayre the next […]