October-November update

Hello lovely climbers!

Just a quick one this time…There’s a few things going on in the next few weeks so read those things first, and if you still fancy a read there’ll be a bit about all our shenanigans of the last few weeks.

CHRISTMAS DINNER!!! Christmas dinner is gonna be on the 6th December, the menu choices are fantastic (particularly for vegetarians) but more importantly I’m sure you all want an amazing night hanging out with all the friends you’ve made this year so BE THERE! 😀 £22, pay Georgia by THIS THURSDAY (17th). It’s at the Water’s Edge, check it out here: http://www.the-watersedge.co.uk/ (the hyperlink probably doesn’t work because wordpress is a bit crap but you know how to copy and paste)

Another exciting twist you might not be aware of is that at Christmas dinner we elect our fresher reps. Fresher reps are kinda intern exec members, so you come along to meetings, bring with you the views and comments of your fresher peers and learn about the goings on within exec…it’s basically your first step to becoming next year’s exec so we’re hoping to see some great candidates this year (if you’re interested send Georgia a message for more info). The best part of this for everyone else is that the candidates all get to MAKE A SPEECH at dinner, and we get to enjoy them all and then vote for our favourites. One of last year’s featured the line “and while I was lying there, blind and in pain, I realised that what really matters to me in life is CLIMBING! *single drunken tear*”, so that’s what this year’s candidates have to top. Can’t bloody wait.

Item #2 LUBE is this weekend (it’s a bouldering event, I know what you’re all thinking, stop it you cheeky bastards), and it’s the second bouldering comp this year. Teams have been chosen so there’s not a lot to say other than to wish our team the best of luck, although I’m sure they don’t need it! If you’re interested in competing in future events have a word with Dale.

Item #3 Thanksgiving!! 😀 It’s next Thursday, it’s at Sam’s flat and it’ll be delicious. I know we’re not American but it’s a tradition started by an ex-bum from across the water and frankly any excuse to eat crazy amounts and get drunk (Y) . If you’re going, it’s manners to bring some food; join the facebook event and comment what you’re bringing so we don’t end up with 20 portions of stuffing. Last year was cute.

thanksgiving proper one

Item #4 SECRET SANTA! 😀 There’s now a facebook event for our secret santa this year so get joining! You just need to put your email address and you’ll be emailed a recipient’s name on November 30th, and you’ll need to give your present in by 8th.

******That’s all the upcoming stuff so if that’s all you’re here for, off you pop now*****************


BUCS happened!! We sent 8 climbers to their first comp of the year, and they did pretty well too! 🙂 Well done to Dale Burrowes, Lewis Sheldrake, Olivia Chandler, Alex Francis, Alex Preston, Hannah Coombes, Matthew Smith and Milo Deane for competing.




We’ve had a couple of quality socials this month, the main one being Halloween!
I was literally going to say “anyone who was there will remember” but actually most of you probably don’t. Costume game was strong this year, and Rob dressed up his house pretty well for the occasion too (Thanks Rob!)
bums pumpkin

Although we never actually crowned a winner for best dressed, I’d say it was pretty unanimously these guys.

It was a messy night, and there were literal fireworks let off under trees (also three cheers for Kat and Gemma for their spooky baking skills)











Lewis even managed to get into Georgia’s pants 😉

And in Locos for breakfast the next day, there was a certain air of the morning after the night before.
locos group shot

Also on our social calendar this month, we’ve had WHITE T-SHIRT NIGHT. I won’t repeat any of the horrendous puns because they’re either cringey dad style jokes or really inappropriate and I don’t want to be responsible for putting either of them on the internet. But anyway, here’s a couple of pictures. There were a lot of shots, Maggi came out of it a little worse for wear, and Locos had one less American flag up by the end of the night.


white t shirt night

<3 You guys (thanks to Georiga Miller, Dale Burrowes & Milo Deane for photos used.) *CONTENT NOTE FOR CURRENT AND EX MEMBERS* Please share all your pictures and anecdotes! I'm really conscious of not just sharing pictures and stories about people I happened to be around...I try and take the camera around everyone but of course I miss bits. So if you have pictures and stories from something that's just happened OR from a regular event from a previous year I'd love to use them. Say if someone had had a great anecdote or photo from Christmas last year I'd have used it in this post. It's not that I can't be arsed to do it myself, but I want to reflect everyone's experiences not just my own! Thanks, Poppy x