New Advanced Lessons

From now until the end of term we’re going to be trialling some new lessons which are going to be aimed at people who’ve already completed the years course. If you haven’t completed the full years course yet, please wait until next year as they will be more relevant for you then.

This is a really good opportunity to reinforce things that you’ve previously learnt and expand your knowledge of climbing skills. The lessons are going to be taught on Sundays due to lack of space during the week. This is something we hope to expand next year, but thought we would trail this term.

The lessons are going to be held and cover the following skills:

  1. 17/02 – Unassisted hoisting (re cap)
  2. 03/03 – Ascending next to a leader (new)
  3. 17/03 – Abseiling advanced technique (with/without injured climber)

These techniques will also help bring your skills in-line with this years revised course.