LUBE 2017: Round 2

As stated in the ‘LUBE 2017: Round 1’ blog post, ‘Before you look at this blog title and get confused/ terrified/ scarred etc etc, LUBE is an acronym for London University Bouldering Events; so please do not be concerned by the otherwise kinky-sounding title.’

The team met at 8.30am to drive an hour to Craggy Island 2 in Sutton, where round 2 of LUBE was taking place. We arrived at about 9.30am, to an incredibly cold climbing gym (as in, thick fleece and down jacket cold) with a very difficult route set. Although the routes were challenging and some of us were disappointed with our results, it was great to see everyone supporting each other through the climbs and keeping everyone’s sprits up. I especially want to thank Owen (our Team Captain) for managing the situation and the team so well despite us all being a bit overwhelmed by some of the routes!


Gender Name Score / 250
M Alex Preston 123
M Owen Purvis 119
M Harry Sutcliffe 106
M Sam Perry 92
M Ed Miles 80
F Crystal Chang 61
F Hannah Coombs 57

Some photos from the event (photo creds to Hannah Coombs):

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