LUBE 2017: Round 1

Before you look at this blog title and get confused/ terrified/ scarred etc etc, LUBE is an acronym for London University Bouldering Events; so please do not be concerned by the otherwise kinky-sounding title.

Everyone did incredibly well, and I want to say a huge congratulations to those who competed for the first time (Tom Cronnelly in this round), and an extra big thank you to Owen (our Team Captain) for organising it and encouraging and supporting everyone both at the comp and in the bouldering room at uni.


Gender Name Score / 250
M Adam Sykes 199
M Owen Purvis 196
M Ed Miles 191
F Crystal Chang 176
M Tom Cronnelly 175
F Rhiannon McCarrol 172
M Rob Foulds 151
M Arthur Brooks 135

Some photos from the event (photo creds to Owen Purvis):

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