Freshers 2k16!

Hi guys! Great to have seen so many new and old faces at our freshers events in the last couple of weeks. The year’s got off to an awesome start with our slacklining event at the start of freshers’ week (never mind the rain…) and a lot of interest at the freshers fayre the next day.

However the main event so far has been our taster sessions, with an amazing turnout and some brand new freshers getting up some pretty gnarly climbs as well as a couple of super enthusiastic people staying all evening both sessions and climbing anything available…we can tell it’s going to be a great year already (check out the bottom of the post for some pictures)! It’s been great for so many people to have come and had a look at what we’re about and we’re hoping to see more and more of your names on our members’ list. Remember, sports fed is cheaper if you sign up before the start of October, get on it now!! We’ve had a couple of socials already with pretty good numbers and we love getting to know you all, so thanks for coming out. Don’t forget, it’s our pub crawl this Thursday (29th), 8:30 starting at Locos and returners will tell you it’s not an event to miss! Look forward to seeing you there.

Regular sessions start this Thursday, and you’ll find them a lot more chilled than taster sessions. Lessons will start, so we’ll have a team of trained up returners teaching you the basics to be signed off as a competent beginner, and from there our fabulous instructor Tom (pictured below) can teach you everything you need/want to know to become an amazing climber!


Of course, none of this would’ve been possible without a dedicated exec team making all the arrangements, and loads of returning climbers coming down to help, setting up, belaying and introducing themselves to freshers early on. We really appreciate you all!


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