Climbing – Club of the Year – 2012/13

Well it is with great pleasure I am able to post on here that Climbing were presented Club of the Year 2012/13 at the Sports Fed Ball last night. The most prestigious award possible for a sports club at the university. A great honour to receive and by all means shows the tremendous work by all of the exec this year. Congratulations to the exec, and by not means thank you to every single member for participating throughout the year on trips, RAG fundraising events as well as both Trips and Social events.

Club of the year is awarded to the club that provides the best service to its members and the Students Union as a whole. This can include social, recreational and competitive activities. This year the committee will look at the capability of a club to achieve a high standard in all areas and take this into consideration when deciding the winner.

(And all the best to next years Exec – make sure you keep up the good work and high achievements!)

Climbing - Club of the Year