Climbing to a new height – The year so far

After our cracking start to this year, the BUMS’ hopes were high for the two Freshers trips that were drawing ever closer. With food, equipment and unpredictable hiring of mini-buses to sort out, things could have become very stressful. But thanks to the awesome organisational skills of BUMS and Freshers alike, everything ran as smoothly as a single rope through a carabiner (and that’s pretty freakin’ smoothly, for those of you not cool enough to know!).
For the first trip, we took the Freshers to experience the rocks of the Peak District. Although there weren’t as many Freshers on this trip as we thought there would be, those that did come along were impressively instinctive: flying up difficult rock faces that “were challenging but satisfying to complete”, and making sure everyone was as safe as they could be. Everyone had a great time and the exec could only anticipate the next trip with excitement.
The second trip was to North Wales; and what a trip it was! We thought we’d try and frighten the Freshers by taking them up the 120 metre multi-pitch climbs of the Moelwyns. If truth be told, some of the BUMS were just as scared as some of the Freshers; but this epic introduction to outdoor climbing was said to be the highlight of the trip for most. On the second day, the heavens opened up (in true Welsh-weather fashion) so we had to go to an indoor wall. This did, however, allow all of us to experience walls twice the height we usually subjected ourselves to – and everybody got a good kick out of the challenge.