Info on Climbing Competitions

Hey club captain here,

LUBEWe compete in 2 competitions every year LUBE, consisting of 4 rounds and BUCS, with 1 round. However this year we’re thinking of going to Blocfest, which is a bouldering festival and competition, with 5 events.

Competitions are not all about winning, they’re lots of fun, there’s an awesome atmosphere, they’re a great way to improve your climbing technique and confidence.

Brunel Team 2011-12I was a total novice at climbing last year when I started competitions and I was pretty apprehensive about going. But after my first comp I was hooked, there’s loads of cool people to meet and talk to. Everyone there is really encouraging and keen to help out anyone on a route. By the end of the year you’ll know everyone there. An extra plus is that your getting an amazing training session for free!

Everyone is welcome to come to competitions, especially freshers. You guys have priority! Come and talk to me if you want to get involved.

Find out more info on the competitions page
If you want to come you need to contact me, I’ll be at the wall most lessons and my contact details are on the Exec Page. All you need to bring is climbing shoes, chalk, water and lunch, of course you can borrow my chalk if you don’t have any.