christmas tree

Happy Holidays, Joyeux Noel and Merry Christmas one and all, ’tis officially the season!

We all get three weeks off climbing now, but don’t worry- as usual, our exec are busy planning some great events and socials for y’all to look forward to. Think curry, think games, think liquid…and of course, preparations are already underway for the legend we know annual dinner is gonna become 😀 Watch this space for more info!

In the mean time, we’ve had a great month leading up to Christmas. As Georgia would say, the climbing festivities have been lit, with thanksgiving overflowing Sam’s kitchen and Christmas dinner selling out weeks in advance. Deets and pictures to follow!

In terms of actual climbing, we’ve rather hit the point in the year where people aren’t showing up just to climb and the banter game is high. Joel, for example, has been climbing just to hide other people’s bags:

bag prank!

The effort of climbing is just too exhausting for Hannah: bricks

And Mark’s belaying has reached new levels of dodgy: Dodgy belaying

On the whole though, safety has been pretty good this year, which is awesome because it saves you from two terrible fates: Serious injury/death, or worse, Tom’s Shouty Voice. Well done climbers, keep it up (except Joel and Mark, you guys are terrible influences and need to redo beginner).

Outside of the hard work, we’ve also been getting our play on, with the two biggest socials this year! #1 was Thanksgiving, dutifully hosted by our very own Sam (round of applause please). Because there were so many of us, there was great variety and quantity of gastronomical contributions….from classic meat and veg to nut roast to Krispy Kreme to cinnamon pasta, there was something for everyone. The sensible among us left shortly after dinner, while the drinking antics of others provided great entertainment. I’d personally like to offer my thanks to everyone for showing up and making it a great night, and my condolences to Sam for the state of the flat, and whichever poor soul had to drag Maggie home <3 thanksgiving
thanksgiving 2

Cuties <3 Thanksgiving led swiftly onto Christmas (thinking about it they were probably like a month apart but for anyone with winter exams and deadlines it passed in about 5 minutes). Our Christmas dinner was at the Water's Edge again and we booked the whole downstairs out way in advance. Georgia put an incredible amount of effort into organising it, and between chasing up orders and making sparkly place cards, it probably took up loads of her time, so on behalf of all of us THANKS G!! <3 Highlight of the night might've been the speeches from all the fresher rep candidates. You were all amazing, and it's great that so many people are up for getting involved, we're certainly gonna need it in the coming year! Winners were: Camryn, with "Climbing is a place I can really feel at home" IMG_9724-min

P, with “Make climbing great again!”

And Sam, with “I would just like to apologise for breaking Robs shoe rack and pushing Poppy into the road”

PS Camryn Im really sorry Toby and Harry ruined your photo

Following the speeches, we all hit the dancefloor!! From awesome solo moves to group numbers, there were some excellent perfomances. More photos at the end of the page.


Aaaand we all got our Christmas on in the last week of term, with some bonus lessons from Tom, and SECRET SANTA!!

We got a great haul of presents
Secret santa

And loved opening them!
Opening presents

If the Christmas events at climbing have been anything to go by, we are all gonna have a fantastic festive season.

I really want to say thank you for everyone for making the last semester so amazing, I think it was one of the best ones yet and am already looking forward to more in the new year!!

Oh behalf of everyone at Brunel Climbing… MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!xxxxxx