Brunel Climbing Summer BBQ!

As it leads up to exam season, we were all keen to get outdoors for a few hours and have a catch up after easter, and with that basis the BUMS Summer BBQ event was created!

This was our Social Sec for 2017/18’s first event, so a big well done and thank you to our new Social Sec Maggie, alongside our President, P, and Vice-President, Mark, for making the event possible. A big thank you also to Camryn and Amara for hosting the BBQ at their house!

Hot dogs, halloumi kebabs and burgers were enjoyed, and all washed down with some heavily alcoholic fruit punch! ((We are a uni society after all…))

The legendary ‘more-vodka-than-juice’ punch

Mark getting in the BBQ zone with his matching BBQ tools and apron

Safety first kids! Rope swing set-up in full ‘swing’ (completely intentional pun)

Our current president drinking a very apt. beer

We had an awesome turn out of 20 people, and raised £20 for RAG!
A big thank you to everyone who came and donated.

Can’t wait for more events like this in the future,