Exec 2016-17

The BUMS Exec Committee

Meet the exec! If you have any questions throughout the year, just find one of these faces and they will do their best to help you.

Alex Preston – President

Alex is a third year social work student, and has been climbing at Brunel since first year. As last year’s social sec, Alex is stepping up his responsibilities as our president, and will always be around if you need a hand or have any questions. He’s great at sport climbing, showing up to every social ever and using vans as approach shoes/walking shoes/basically anything you shouldn’t use vans for.
Contact: Facebook

Responsible for: Basically everything. Responsible for all club happenings, a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ stuff, very intensive role but very rewarding.


Matt Townley – Vice President

Matt has been a member of Brunel Climbing since pretty much forever, and has been on exec before as our treasurer,so he knows the ins and outs of our club as well as anyone. Matt’s a great boulderer, and as well as climbing he’s an active member of Brunel Snow Club and a pretty decent skier. This also means he’s familiar with having (and climbing on) a pretty extensive range of injuries, so if you ever need a bit of motivation to keep going when it’s tough, Matt’s your guy.
Contact: Facebook
Responsible for: Essentially the same as President but not as intensive, and doesn’t get blame so much if anything goes wrong!

Dale Burrowes – Club Captain

Dale is in his final year as a design student at Brunel, but has been a climber since long before he came to uni. As one of the most experienced and skilled climbers in our club, he’ll always give you great beta on a route you’re stuck on, or a boulder problem you can’t crack. Dale’s climbed in all kinds of places around the world, and if he’s not climbing you’ll probably find him out on a motorbike or slacklining in the sun somewhere.
Contact: Facebook
Responsible for: Organizing competitions and training – the more competitive side of things.

Rob Foulds- Gear and Safety

Rob is an industrial design student in second year, and a friendly and approachable northerner. He came to Brunel as an already fairly experienced climber, and although he is a competent leader, tends to prefer bouldering. Rob received the “gear junkie” award in 2016, and with that in mind its hardly a surprise he enjoys trad climbing as well. If you want to know about the best gear to use for something, or in the unlikely event that you find something wrong with a bit of club gear, Rob is the man to speak to.
Contact: Facebook
Responsible for: Working alongside Tom to run gear checks to make sure everything is where it should be and in good working condition. Also responsible for the ordering of new gear when necessary.


Poppy Walters – Media & Communications

Poppy is in her final year at Brunel, and has been climbing since halfway through first year. She studies Occupational Therapy, so can help you figure out climbing no matter what your situation. Poppy enjoys outdoor climbing, and is tentatively developing a taste for trad. Aside from climbing, she devotes her time to martial arts, napping and becoming a crazy cat lady. As web officer, Poppy will have a lot to do with communicating with the club, so if you have any questions or need any help she’ll always be happy to hear from you.
Contact: Facebook
Responsible for: Updating this website (and our facebook page) with all our news and events, and communicating with club members about what is happening.

Toby- treasurer

Toby Sholto – Treasurer

Toby is in his second year as a member of the club, but was elected as a fresher rep last year, so knows his way around the exec. Toby’s not new to climbing, and lucky for you he’s a nice approachable guy, so if you want some help with a climb he won’t be far away. He’s also pretty fond of his motorbike.
Contact: Facebook
Responsible for: Money and the club’s budget – designating funds to certain areas (gear, trips, etc), taking money for trips. Lots of spreadsheets.

Lewis Johnson – R.A.G officer

Lewis is a second year Aviation Engineering student. In his first year he became a Fresher Rep on the exec and he is one of the most experienced climbers on the exec as he has been climbing for years. He also likes planes.
Contact: Facebook
Responsible for: Raising money for the university’s Raise And Give society which all goes towards charity.

Georgia Miller – Social Secretary

Georgia started climbing with Brunel two years ago and became a Fresher Rep on the exec. She prefers Trad climbing to sport and still has a small fear of heights. She studies Film and Television and in her free time climbs, abuses netflix & socialises!
Contact: Facebook
Responsible for: Getting to know everyone and organising club social events and nights out. Very people-centred.


Harry Rivett – Secretary

Harry’s in his second year as a part of Brunel climbing. He’s a product desgin engineering student and fan of sport climbing and boulering (so on club nights you’ll usually find him hidden away on the dark side of the wall!). Fun fact for a conversation starter: he also owns an ice cream van. Who knew right?
Contact: Facebook
Responsible for: Taking minutes of meetings and helping out with other bits and bobs where needed.

Although we all have different roles within the exec, it is very important that we work together a cohesive unit for the greater good of the club – which we take pride in doing!

Fresher Reps!

Our Fresher reps are an important point of contact for you, as a member of the club. We know that by nature freshers aren’t part of the exec, but as a major part of the club it’s important for your opinions to be heard within exec- these guys will be your voice! They’re all people who’ve shown an interest in being part of the exec, so we’re training them up to know what happens with exec, and in the mean time they can pass on any worries, questions or suggestions you have that non-freshers haven’t picked up on… although of course we hope you’re comfortable talking to all of us! Here are their names and faces, look out for them at the wall.


Camryn Williams – Fresher Rep

Camryn is in her first year at Brunel. She studies theatre, and if you ask nicely she has been known to grace us with the occasional soliloquy. Camryn is friendly to everyone in the club, approachable, helpful and an all round good egg. The only thing she loves more than climbing is Shakespeare, and if you need to find her, look out for brightly coloured hair in varying shades and glitter.
Contact: Facebook


Pujan Patel – Fresher Rep

Pujan, aka Doctor P, has high hopes for the future of Brunel Climbing. Obviously he’s a fresher this year, but has already made himself an integral part of the club by being the kinda guy who always has a bit of beta or help for your project or problem- if you’re stuck 20ft up and not sure of the next move, you CAN be sure he’s cheering you on. P’s always up for a laugh and can be found at the majority of socials too, so if you don’t know him already, make sure you do soon! (He’s also potentially a vampire because there are almost no pictures of him in existence facing forwards)
Contact: Facebook


Sam Perry – Fresher Rep

Sam has managed to earn himself a reputation as the “responsible” fresher. This means that his safety awareness is good, he can be trusted to give a reliable buddy check, and on a night out you can rely on him to be there with a glass of water if it all gets too much for anyone. He’s an eager beaver in term of the club course, already ready to lead, and will no doubt be first in line to throw himself into sport at the first opportunity. He’s around at the wall a lot, so if you need to feed something back to exec, be sure he’ll be ready to listen.
Contact: Facebook