Loaning Gear

In order to borrow gear from the club we require that you are a fully paid member of Brunel Climbing and that you abide by the following set of rules. In order to borrow gear you must contact Martin Rickett by email in order to register your interest in hiring gear.

Gear Loan Policy
These rules MUST be followed when hiring gear from the club:

  • You must be a fully paid member of Brunel Climbing (BUMS) in order to borrow our gear.
  • You must have passed the correct competency test before being able to borrow the gear.
  • Club climbing trips will always take priority in the use of gear over personal interests, simply put if an item is needed for a club climbing trip then it cannot be loaned out to an individual.
  • All gear is checked regularly, but it is the member’s responsibility to check the gear that they use before accepting it from the club.
  • All falls taken on ropes or other equipment must be reported to the gear and safety exec member upon return. The same can be said for dropped hardware such as karabiners and helmets.
  • It is understandable that gear becomes worn through use however, unreasonable damage or loss of equipment will result in the member paying for replacement of the equipment. Should an instant arise, each individual case will be discussed by the exec.
  • If two member request the same piece of equipment for the same time period a strict first come first serve procedure will be operated, judged on the time-stamp of the person’s e-mail requesting the equipment.
  • No deposit is required to borrow gear, however late gear will be chased. Failing that, action will be taken through the university which may jeopardise your status at the university. If you do not respond or return the gear promptly you will also be black-listed from borrowing any gear in the future and will not be permitted on any of the Club Trips or to attend lessons until the account is settled.

Submit Gear Loan Request Online Now (Members With Valid Student Number Only)