Two months late I know but here it is… ANNUAL DINNER!!!! 😀 Annual dinner can be the trip of the year for a lot of people, and I’m sure this year didn’t disappoint. We got climbing, we got novelty awards, we got shenanigans…but unfortunately this year we also got the epitome of shitty weather. Didn’t […]

As it leads up to exam season, we were all keen to get outdoors for a few hours and have a catch up after easter, and with that basis the BUMS Summer BBQ event was created! This was our Social Sec for 2017/18’s first event, so a big well done and thank you to our […]

Happy Holidays, Joyeux Noel and Merry Christmas one and all, ’tis officially the season! We all get three weeks off climbing now, but don’t worry- as usual, our exec are busy planning some great events and socials for y’all to look forward to. Think curry, think games, think liquid…and of course, preparations are already underway […]

Hello lovely climbers! Just a quick one this time…There’s a few things going on in the next few weeks so read those things first, and if you still fancy a read there’ll be a bit about all our shenanigans of the last few weeks. CHRISTMAS DINNER!!! Christmas dinner is gonna be on the 6th December, […]

So we’ve just got back from Freshers Trip #2: Peak Times (as I’m dramatically calling it). I’m almost sad because this pretty much means it’s officially the end of freshers, but that’s also a good thing in that the freshers that are still showing up are pretty likely to stick around, and so far they’re […]